Advanced agriculture technology for sustainability and food security.

Seoul International offers the most advanced agriculture technology in the world to help our clients achieve sustainability and food security.

Professional environmental consulting services

Seoul International offers professional environmental consulting services to help our clients further improve their environmental footprints.

Professional surveying services

Seoul International offers professional surveying services to help our clients find the best source of energy for their energy needs and to achieve energy security.

Seoul International is a consulting and solutions Company based in Doha, Qatar focusing in the field of Agriculture, Environment, Renewable energy, IT, Manufacturing, and Project Development. Since its inception, Seoul International has worked with various companies and conglomerates from around the world.

Seoul International provides clients a unique approach to their needs by bridging the gap between technology and project requirement through our network of only the most reputable technical partners.

Areas of expertise





Project strategies

Project Development

Develop win-win projects that contribute to solving social needs and problems that will be beneficial to both the client and the end-users.

Marketing Solutions

Define, educdate, executem and provide access to complete and integrated solutions that help solve the client’s problems.

Strategic Planning

Provide a systematic approach of envisioning a desired future for the project and translate this vision into steps to achieve the vision.

Market Research

Create information that links producers, customers, and target end users in the specified market

Clients and Partners